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Spontaneous road trip

So we took a Spontaneous road trip this weekend to see my niece’s for her 8th birthday. It was a nice fast trip just under 1000 miles round trip. But she was presently surprised. This is her first Birthday without her Daddy. He past away last July. Here’s how it went down

7:30 AM text message

niece: It’s my birthday today:
me: Hmmm Are you sure
niece: yep its the 7th
me: I dunno
niece: Check your calendar

My wife and I look at each other and Say, OK Let’s go! so we backed up the little kid and a change of cloths and headed out. The look on the girls faces when we showed up was priceless. I love those spontaneous trips they keep life interesting!

Went to the Farmer Browns for Dinner and had a nice steak for birthday dinner, they brought her out a cake and everything, I think she felt pretty special

On the way home we stopped at at Nick’s Gyros. We stop there every time we make this trip, has been a tradition for the past 20 years!

Trip Milage: 969.8

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