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1970 – Cost of Living

1970 Cost of Living

1970 Cost of Living

Damn I wanna live in 1970 with those costs and my current wages. I think back to 1979 My parents bout a house for 45,000. i bought my house almost 10 years ago for close to 200,000 man inflation..WOW.

Average income $9400 Holy crap you have to make that per month these days just to be on the low end of comfortable, and People want $15.00 mim wage…

I at least remember when gas was $0.77 a gallon. I guess it is all proportional to income and expenses of the time.

Just kinda neat to see a comparison between now and 45 years ago. You have to figure in the scheme to humanity that is not a long time. Well Enjoy 2015 cause 2050 my be double or tipple what we pay now .

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