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CJ UW Grad!

What a day today was. The end to one journey and the beginning of another.

Today our oldest son graduated from the Univerisity of Wyoming with a Bachelor’s degree in applied science in Chemical Engineering. What a feat!

It was a pretty great ceremony (The student speaker wasn’t all that great. not very inspirational) but the Guest speaker was good.  Judy Sheppard ( Mathew Sheppard’s mother) was presented with an Honorary Doctorate for her work with the LGBTQ activism and Hate crimes prevention.

CJ is the first of My family in his generation ( currently 3 Generations living in our family) and one of two on Mers side of the family to graduate from College! Granted he is the oldest and able to go to college before the other kids, non the less we are so very proud!!

Also this year our nephew S., graduated from LCCC  from a welding certification program. Our Nephew J. will be graduating Highschool and our niece T.  will also be graduating Highschool. All these darn kids growing up!


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