New York City

New York City 2017

The Big Apple

The Big AppleNYC Has always been on my bucket list. I have been a fan of the Yankees since I was 5 years old and have always dreamed of the big city. Mer and I love the movies that Have NYC as background city Like You’ve got mail, Sleepless in Seattle. it neat to see the things in real life that you see on TV and film.

Mer with Jason MrazMel With Jason MrazAs the story goes, My wife and her sister were hanging out one night, talking about a Broadway show they would love to see call the waitress, with there Favorite singer/actor Jason Mraz. Next thing you know they are online booking tickets and were looking for flights. ( they got to meet him too)

Stock Car CafeIt seemed like a long wait for time to come but it finally did and what an adventure it was. I of course left my phone in the car when we got to Denver, and my wallet on the plane when we got to Charlotte, NC. Landing At Laguardia airport airport was and experience as well as our first hour in the Big Apple learning the transportation system.

Our Air BnBAir BB is a fantastic way to stay. we payed almost $400.oo less for a 3 night stay in an actual two bedroom apartment then we would have staying in a hotel and sharing a room between the 4 of us, totally the way to go! And the food in the city is amazing (I don’t know what we eat at home, it is nothing like this).

Walking in the city is just like you think it is and so is subway for that matter.  The city scape is truly and awesome thing as well as Grand Central Station. The Pizza, OMG. We do not know how to make pizza in Wyoming.

Time Square and Rockefeller Center are just like you see on TV ( but way smaller than they appear) and the Pubs are constantly packed, eve at 3 in the morning.

The The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a true wonder and so big. You could probably spend a week of 8 hour days there. we made it a 2/3 rds I think through the first floor and we rushed it. we spent most of our time in the Egyptian Room.

Yankee stadium was … well what can I say, Its Yankee stadium. I cant wait to go see a baseball game there.  And Katz Delicatessen was a must see must eat. I brought a pastrami Sandwich all the way home to Cheyenne.

This is just  a touch of what our trip was about

If your family or close friend let em know and Ill send you info you need to see the full details!

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