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Samsung Gear Fit


So I got me one of these GearFit things for Christmas this year from the Parental Units in my life (they’re good kids). and I think I really like it its a little bit longer than your standard watch but also a little bit thinner. Easy to operate and syncs up with my Galaxy Note just great.

I am able to do cool stuff with it like view my text messages, my emails and Google chats, also my Facebook chats. it tracks my still movement sleeping how many steps I have walked. it has a heart rate monitor and current weather outlook and temperature. and yes it does show the time as well. The best feature it has for a guy like me is a locate your phone function. I constantly lose my phone good grief!

I do wish this model had voice control and a more responsive keyboard app (keyboard app is not standard  you can find it here. It just is to unresponsive for my liking.

It can monitor other things as well More info can be found at Samsung.

All in all though I am happy with this product and wear it everyday. it can defiantly help you if you are into the get fit thing (which I should be). Do you have one of these? What are your thoughts?

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