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$movie_title = ‘Maleficent’;
$movie = get_imdb_connector_movie($movie_title);
//echo ‘Title: ‘ . $movie[“title”] . ‘[br /]’;
echo ‘[strong]Year Released[/strong]: ‘ . $movie[“year”] . ‘[br /]’;
echo ‘[strong]Rated[/strong]: ‘ . $movie[“rated”] . ‘[br /]’;
echo ‘[strong]Plot[/strong]: ‘ . $movie[“plot”] . ‘[br /]’;
echo ‘[strong]Actors[/strong]: ‘ . $movie[“actors”] . ‘[br /]’;

My Notes:
Wow Good Stuff here. Angelina Jolie Is fantastic in this Movie! as well as Elle Fanning. Actually most of the cast was awesome. Proper blend of make believe and reality.

Also Family Friendly. I recommend a tall glass of milk with a slice of Boston cream cake while you watch this movie.

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