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Backyard Fire Pit

So as if working for 7 hours in the 90 + heat on Saturday to fix up the front yard wasn’t enough, We decided to build a fire pit in our back yard.

Our back yard fire pit
Back yard Fire Pit

We have always wanted a fire pit, back in the day ( 12 years ago ) we lived in a trailer on some land in south Cheyenne. We had a Burning barrel and always had a great time and good parties there. After we moved from there, we were unable to do such things because we rented. But know that we own our home we can do what we want.

So what we did here, Dug a hole and had to level it out. cause our yard kind of slopes. We made a layer of tapered bricks and laid them out in a circle fashion. Verified they were level. Then we took some of the rock I mentioned in my last post and filled in the bottom of the pit. We then added 3 more layers of the tapered brick. Finishing it off we took some sheet meat and placed it on the inside to kind of act as a shield and keep things a little better contained.

Cost for this project:

Brick: free we already had it. had we bought it: 60 * $1.89 = $133.40
Rock: free already had it. had we bought it 3 bags at about $6.00 each = $18.00
Sheet metal: 24″ X 10′ = $9.96

Total Cost: $141.36

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