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Party on Wyane! Party on Garth!


Kegjuly22011So our Friend Zach’s 30th birthday was a bash. Good times were had by all I believe! I of course passed out Way to early. We had a Keg and all kinds of booze for all to drink. Some dumb asses even did Keg stands. I was already passed out by then As you can see from the picture, I guess that how you know it was a success! So I did my Keg Stand the next morning.

LimoThey night started out Awesome though with good friends, My brother-in-law made it down from Omaha and couple of Zach’s Friends from Colorado. Zach Rented a Limo that took us all around town for 3 hours While we drank and did all kinds of other stupid stuff. Our Ride ended with Shots at the Depot before we were brought home to my house to finish off the ol party. Good News is that nobody drove home that didn’t use our Designated drivers and Every one was safe!

Any Way Welcome to your #3o’s old friend!!!!

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