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Alaska 2010, Fishin With the Bears


Ever Been Fishing in Alaska? Well I have have had the great oppertunity to go 3 times. Again I got to go with my Dad and my brother ( see the bad asses in the picture to the left?) for a week long fishing trip in the Alaskan peninsula. It is the most relaxing refreshing time of my year, and I hope I get to do it again many more times. This year we went at the beginning of the sockeye run. These are so much harder to fish for than the Silvers are, You have to snag them, They don’t bite your line line the silvers do.


bear2011On Friday ( the day before we left) we were fishing in the river mouth ( we call the bay of pigs, why I don’t know) and it warmed up pretty good. So I went to the boat to take of a couple layers of clothing so I could fish more comfortably. After I got my fishing vest back on I turned around to start walking and about 5 feet behind me was a huge bear! I froze solid as a rock for second and then work my way backwards to feel the edge of the boat While we were staring face to face. I managed to squeak out the word HELP. One of the Ladies that was there with us heard me just barley, and saw the bear then yelled at the top of her lungs. The bear turned his head to look at her and I jumped the boat and grabbed the shot gun off the bench and let two shots go over his head… he kind of mosied back into the alders and just hung around. We all jumped in the boat and headed to the other side of the river mouth and watched him fish from there.

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