Phase 3

Broken Ram

Defense against a front tackle, in which charging ram didn’t work

1. From a right Neutral Bow, step to 4:30 with your left foot into a left front twist stance while doing a left chop to left side of attackers neck.
2. Unwind from the twist into a right Neutral Bow facing 9:00, With attackers left arm is against your back, circle your right hand down, under attackers left arm and into an uppercut under their arm to break the elbow.
3. Right Rear Scoop kick to groin or solar plexus, planting back into your original stance
4. Slide your left foot up to your right foot then shoot your right foot back to 1:30 to buckle attackers left leg as you circle your right arm out from under attackers arm into a right Back Knuckle or Hammerfist to attackers jaw.
5. Cover out.

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