Phase 3

Obscure Claw

Defense against right rear shoulder grab

1. Step back to 5:30 with your right foot while doing a right Heel Palm Claw to attackers face.
2. Without stopping, turn into a right Forward Bow facing 6:00 while doing a left Heel Palm to attackers face. Left hand checking to protect against right punch.
3. Your right hand continues to circle around and up under attackers left arm (at the elbow) to lock their arm while you turn counter clockwise into left Forward Bow.
4. With your attackers arm locked in your arm, you want to turn your arm up (like an Upward Elbow) to fully lock them.
5. Step Thru forward with your right then left foot, bringing attacker forward.
6. Turn clockwise into a right Forward Bow facing attacker, have your right hand circle backward into a Back Knuckle to attackers mastoid, drawing attacker into a left Heel Palm to solar plexus and a right Back Knuckle to chest.
7. cover out.

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