Phase 1

Y 6. Grasp of Death

Yellow Belt

Defense from a right arm headlock from the left flank

  1. Turn your chin to the left against your chest. to keep from being choked out
  2. grab your attackers right wrist with you right hand and twist
  3. Step forward with your right foot towards 12:00 into a close kneel stance
  4. With your left hand reach between your attackers legs to grab the right inner thigh and pinch or chop to attackers nuts
  5.  Bring your attackers right arm over your head and in front of your body pulling their right wrist to your right hip
  6. Step toward 10:30 with your left foot to form a left neutral bow
  7. Using your left forearm (left hammering inward block), hit/press the back of your attackers elbow pinning them to the ground ( this creates an arm bar)
  8. Using your left hand,  cover your attackers right elbow hugging the arm against your body
  9. Right snapping vertical punch to the back of attackers skull
  10. Cover out

Yellow Belt

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