Just plain ol me

I guess thanks for checking out my blog of crap you probably don’t really care about. I’m just a nerd that has a blog because, well , I Can. I don’t write well or anything, it is more of a memory book for me so I don’t forget the crap I have done in my life. If you find something you like that’s great, IF you don’t well thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

We live in the frozen windy depths of Cheyenne, Wyoming ( it has been down to -62° already this year). Our oldest Son is of to collage, our youngest is now a teenage ( yay!!! 5 more years till we have an empty nest!!).

Both my wife and I work in government, Her in Business and me in Management. We both Enjoy making stuff out of wood and metal. Furniture and home remodels.

I have recently become and Ordained Minister as well.

And we have our puppies. Theo ( the Disney Dog), Toby ( the Little Kid), Remi ( the Old Fart). You can read more about these guys on there profile page