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This little jar

My Wife's Love
My Wife's Love
Love in Jar

This little jar is one of the best gifts I have ever received, at it was from my beautiful wife. She bought it for me a few days ago when she was doing some casual shopping.

My father in law passed away this past Saturday morning. Peacefully in his sleep. We got the call about 5 in the morning when my Mother in law called and that started our whirlwind day.

After few phone calls and booking a flight for my wife to go to Arizona to be with her mother, we got together with her sister and husband and went out to start celebrating Jerry’s life. We had eats, drinks and stogies while we shared memories and stories of the life we all shared with him.

One of the things Jerry liked to do when they were in our area was go to Casa Bonita Mexican restaurant in Denver CO. We rallied up the family and headed down there at about 4:30. We met our oldest Son and his girlfriend there and we all had sketchy Mexican food and Margaritas to celebrate his life. we told more stories and reminisced about our visits there.

Afterwords we headed to the Hilton Garden Inn in the tech center and stayed the night. We go There in time to partake in some swimming. We all had a pretty good time; Marco polo, splashing and shoulder wars (not sure what they are called but on person is on the shoulders of another and you try to knock your opponents down)

Mer and I didn’t sleep well but we got up at 5:30 and got ready to head to the airport. Oh my the pipes in the bathroom were so loud, I think it woke up the whole floor. It woke Mer’s sister and husband that’s for sure. as we headed down to the car to go to the airport, we ran into her sister talking to the front desk person (Tia). Mel asked, what in the H3ll was that noise this morning?

We told her about the pipes and scalding heat of the water. Tia piped up right away and did all she could to make up for the inconvenience, Not much to do since we booked through hotels .com but we did get some rewards points and free breakfast.

Ok, so back to the Jar (I bet you were wondering what that had to do with it).

I’m at home today working on some house stuff and I see the little jar my wife bought for me. I flip the lid on it and Immediately was over come with a force of emotion so great, I haven’t felt an emotional power like that in a long time.

It was Pure Love. The mot beautiful feeling in the universe. The simplest of things, a $2.00 glass jar. Merideth knew how much I would love it and she sealed that love inside. Just FYI I like cool glass jars and old bottles.

My Mother in law is a most wonderful person. As I was filled with emotion I completely understood her love for my Father in Law. Giving her time, her strength and her life to care for him not matter what, through the so many adventures they have had.

I want to thank her for blessing me with some one who can love that strongly. And Thank you my love for my Little Jar!

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