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Custom Farmhouse Table

Custom Farmhouse Table

Happy Thursday Everyone! Been busy in the Tumbleweed Design Studios (My Garage) lately.

Custom Farmhouse Table
Farm House Table and Bench

We finished this Custom Farmhouse Table and bench a couple weeks ago and brought it to its new home. This beast is 100% hand made by me with good ‘ol blood (slivers in my finger), sweat (thanks to the new garage heater) and tears (ya know saw dust in the eyes).

Mer Working Hard!
Mer Sanding

We cut each board and planed them individually, then using a Kreg Jig and Gorilla wood glue. I actually used ratchet straps for clamps. Table legs were made from 4X4s. And the surrounding edge made from planed down 2X4s

The bench was made in much the same way accept we used morre 2X4s than 4X4s.

Before finishing, we took a hand planer and a small hammer and made some decoration in it and then Mer did all the staining and painting, she is a great artist I tell ya.

Paining the Chairs

Mer and her friend ( the customer) searched online for some chairs that would  compliment the table. the found a great set of 4 which we stripped down and re-finished. They were right they were a great match.  Anyway, Mer stripped and sanded the frames and the seats. She re-stained the seats and I painted the the frames with an air gun to get a nice smooth milky finish.


I think this set really turned out beautiful, Next we are building a  buffet table to go along with the same theme will post pics when done! have a great day!

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