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This Old Hat

This Old Hat

This Old HatI have had this hat now for 8 years and guess what…. through all the paint, rain sweat and dirt…. it is Finally broken in.

My Beautiful bride and one of my BFFs, Zach, bought me this hat for my 35th birthday. man what a party that was, keg stands and chilling, my B-I-L even rode his motorcycle from Omaha to be at the event.

Last night my wife’s sister and family came over for cake for Mothers Day. ( happy MDay to my awesome bride BTW). my niece and I were playing around and she took my hat… I grabbed it back and whipped her with it (like you would a towel). IT hit with a perfect whip… and that’s the moment I knew it was finally broken in.

See i love a good whipping hat, I have only had one other hat that has been this good. Unfortunately my good ol’ Phillies hat disappeared from my life…. I am still very sad about it.

So to honor this occasion I will be giving the old hat a good washing tonight! Cheers to great hat!!!

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