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Bachelor week in April

I got left all alone this past half a week, well Tues. thru Sunday anyway. Well I guess not completely Alone, I had the little kid and his cousin with me. (Mom was with the Girls, Dad had a work conference)

Back earlier this year Mer and her sister got Justin Timberlake concert tickets and Flights for her friends Super Surprise Birthday… in San Francisco. also to meet up with Her mother and BFF from back in the day.  I had to take Tuesday afternoon off to drive them to Denver cause the BFF had a conference in Loveland and didn’t want to drive back home. So I dropped them off and had a nice little drive home. Missed the Final meeting for the Noah’s DC trip but hey what ever.

Visited with my parents for a few and then went home to cook the kids dinner (sloppy Joes). After dinner, I got ready for bed, layed down and that’s when I got the news that my dear Uncle David had passed away. IT is hard but his suffering is over. This led me to take the rest of the week off for mourning and be with family

Over the rest of the week Mer sent my pictures if the great time they were having Cali and all the cool stuff they did, Pier 39, JT concerts, visit the ocean, and visiting with friends and family.


So when and brother in law got back on Thursday we hung out together quite a bit, Thursday night having taco Salad that my Niece really like (we all did too). His brother Rick was also in town and joined us for dinner. (BTW we had Spaghetti on wednesday).

Jewelry boxes for the nices.Jewelry boxes for the nieces.I went to work for a little bit on Friday morning, but then headed home. and thought what a great way to take my mind off the family stuff… Lets make Jewelry box for my Jewelry Boxes for the Nieces project. This on was for my niece that live here in Cheyenne ( the one I mentioned above that stayed with us for a couple days). So rick was still in town we

The Girls were supposed to come home Saturday, but on Friday night there was an Issue the with BFFs mother and she had to go to the hospital ( turns out it was pneumonia). so they delayed there flight by a day.

We had a BBQ at the Parents house on Saturday to celebrate and family missed birthdays and Life. At the end of the Evening we got to go for rides ( and I got to drive) my brothers Mustang. What a fun time that was and grateful for the experience.

Uncle dave you will surely be missed!


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