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Super Secret Birthday Weekend, For my Love!

View From the Hotel

Super Secret Birthday weekend, For my Love! I love it when I get to surprise her, of course I had help from her Sister and BFF.

So here we go!!!

So happy for our flex schedule at work, we had a half day on friday the 29th. We took the kids down to foco to spend the Christmas money we promised them. First we went to best buy, I had a little thing in my mind that said we were gonna buy a fridge… then I thought no, we are in pay off mode….

The new FridgeThe new DishwasherWe walked all around Best buy looking at all the cool new gadgets, the kids picked out some stuff, CJ got some really cool headphones, Noah got a mouse and keyboard. And mom…. Well she got a Fridge oh and a dish washer…. told ya.

Then I wanted to go to the guitar center, we spent a lil bit of time looking around. I got a new distortion petal and cable for my treat.

Then off to the mall, we went to the VANS store, Noah and Justice both got new pairs of shoes and a shirt, and shoe strings. What a afternoon of shopping. Time for Dinner!!!!

A Kinney favorite place to go, the Macaroni grill! We have been going there since Noah was just a little bit older than a baby such a great place with awesome food!!! Got Home at a halfway decent time. and did some chillin!

Ok Now here comes the the fun part, the Birthday!

Happy (ahem) 31st…. Birthday my love!

RialtosSo about a month ago I got with Mer’s sister and Her BFF and planned a weekend get away to our favorite hotel in LoDo Denver. The Hyatt Regency just a couple blocks over from the 16th street mall, and  made reservations at our favorite LoDo Restaurant, Rialto’s. So the morning of her Birthday we all headed down to Denver at about 10:00.

Stuff at the BarnOur First stop ( and most of the day) was “The Barn” in Castlerock Jut south of Denver. After a few minor traffic issues and a S-I-L that could hold her bladder, we finally made it! and Wow this place is cool! a craft show, rummage sale and junkyard all in one place, they had everything you could possibly want. I didn’t even make it upstairs.

Maddie's BeirgartenInevitably all us guy had to go shake hands with  a horse (Rob had already gone to explore). Of course the place (he) could find was Maddie’s Beirgarten. The girls were busy shopping so us “boys had a beer by the barn”.. hehe.

We headed back to meet the ladies around the barn a little more, then we went next door to the Emporium. Same kinda stuff, booths set up with everything you can imagine. Even frozen pies. Like I said we spent most of the day there. but we had to get back to Denver and check into our hotel so we could get ready for dinner…. Wait NOPE

The girls got hungry… so Back to Maddies we go!!! We all shared some rather large appetizers and Mer and I shared a great burger. Rob and I split two flights so we got to sample 10 different beers all good in there own way accept for IPAs… yuk. And then Finally we left for the hotel a short drive and we ended up at the Hyatt Regency in LoDo.

Check-in went smoother for some than it did for others but in the end we came out on top. We were all on separate floors at first, so they got all on the same floor, with pretty good views. the I told the clerk that it was my wife’s birthday so she got a $20.00 comp at peaks Lounge on the 27th floor. Man I love the city scape and the courtesy of the staff at this hotel.

After we got checked into our rooms, we all relaxed for a few while we got ready for dinner. The girls came by our room and gave Mer her birthday present. a Beautiful vintage frame with new glass ready for pictures. Now off to the best little cafe in Denver for awesome dinner!!!!!!

Rialto Cafe

Mer and I have always loved this place since we went there a few years ago. we took Mel and Rob once before a Jason Mraz concert ( they couldn’t remember). The food is amazing the staff is amazing and of course we were in good company. Most of us had the steak and potatoes, Glenn had some Chicken and soup, appetizers; Calamari, Mussels and some kind of warm cheese and crispy bread and, of course a little piece of cake to celebrate the most beautiful girl in the world!

What an Awesome Meal!!!!!

OK so I bet you’re wondering what the super secret part is, am I right? OK lets get to it! ( keep in mind last month in NY I finally proposed to my wife after 22 years)

The Super Secret Part 

Rob ( B-I-L) stepped out side to have a smoke, I went outside with him While Mer went freshen up, While out side, I pinned on a boutonniere and we gave Glenn a couple of rings then I put my jacket back on. The girls all came out we stood in the middle of 16th street to pose for a photo for Rob. He then walked behind us and Mer and I turned around. I took off my coat and Mel handed Mer a Bouquet. She says ” What is this?” then the Rev. Rob started the Ceremony. She was completely surprised and overwhelmed. Finally the day of our Vow Renewal came. After 15 years of marriage, we have re-bonded our love and commitment for each other .

Blurry Horse carriage rideA car full of Police offices drove by and stopped, and asked if we needed any witnesses ( little comedy relief), and as we turn around there just happened to be a horse drawn carriage waiting for passengers. we of course took advantage, and they pulled us all the way back to our hotel!

Peaks Lounge for Celebration

We got to Peaks lounge on the 27th floor of the Hyatt Regency for celebration drinks and dessert. One of the reasons we like this hotel so much is this lounge. They make the best Chocolate Martinis and Old Fashions that you have ever had. we had Red Velvet Ice cream sandwich (which we didn’t order but got to keep for free), Pineapple Upside Down Rum Cake, and Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Mouse along with our drinks. We had good conversation, and visited with party next door. It was time to call it a night, wow what a lot to pack in to one day.

Sunday new years eve!

The final day of super secret weekend! Mer and I got up and went a got coffee and a croissant for every one at the hotel Starbucks. we packed up our stuff while everyone got ready to go.  then we all went further down town to our favorite breakfast place ( I know we have a lot of favorites). this place is called…..


All these Benedicts in one placeThe Cherry CreekerThe coolest modern hippy breakfast place on the planet! Rob and I had red beers while we waited (an hour) to be seated, Mel had a mimosa. we finally got to sit. I’m not going into what every one had cause it does matter, cause I had one of the these Awesome Benedict dishes! The Cheery Creeker!!!! its  like heaven on a plate and smashed tater tots on the side? how can you go wrong!!!!!

Ok Mer had a burger Rob had a corned beef has omelet, Steph and Glenn both had omelets and Mel had the Wisconsin Benedict ( I had that one last time we were there).

After we all got fat and happy, it was off to Lumber Liquidators to dream about our hard wood floors that some day we will buy. All of us had some interest but really not a big showroom.

The venture home continued with a stop at the ARC store, WOW this place was DIRTY. we did find a couple of neat things but all in all it was pretty sad pickings.

Our final Stop was the new Scheels store at Centera. This place is its own little city. The girls went their way, us boys went our own way. needless to say dropped an hour or two of time ( oh there is a ferris wheel in the middle of the store). Finally heading home.

What a wonderful weekend, Merideth was certainly surprised for her birthday and we are glad we go to spend it with friends and family!

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