Just a quick egg samich

Just a quick egg Samich

Just a quick egg SamichJust a quick egg samich for your mornings,

So my youngest son is growing up more and more every day. Last year he at breakfast at school everyday like Pop Tarts and crap like that, and it was costing us a fortune in paying the cafeteria for food. I dunno what clicked for him this year but he gets up every morning and makes himself  scrambled eggs or an egg samich, pretty proud of him, anyway just thought  would post this cause I’ma  Dork.

As if you could figure this out but:

  1. Scramble a couple of eggs and let them cook in a pan like you would an omelet ( flip and cook the other side to
  2. Slice into haves and fold
  3. Slice a biscuit put a little butter on it (I like it with a toasted English muffin too)
  4. Put your folded egg on the biscuit
  5. Top with a slice of cheese ( your choice of flavor)
  6. Throw a little lunch meat ( deli) ham on there ( I like to put mine in the egg pan that is still hot for a min or 2)
  7. Put on the top bun and Enjoy!!!


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