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Therapy Bar and Grill 1 year Anniversary…… Our trip

Therapy Bar and GrillOk so the weekend of August 5th my sister-in-law celebrated the 1 year anniversary of  the opening of Therapy Bar and Grill in Omaha NE. Here is our story.

We got leave work early on Friday, it was our first 4 hour shift of our new 4-9s 1-4. I think we are really gonna get use to that. Mel called and said she took the day off so her and the kids were heading out so she could get there early to see her friend Flame.

We headed home to get ready to go, Mer had some signs, she needed to complete for delivery on this trip. One for a wedding and one for a contest winner. ( see below)

Holli and I headed to the car wash, we vacuum everything out after the wash, then headed to the parts store to buy a K&N Air Filter MORE POWER HAHAHAHAHA, ok sorry for that, but better fuel economy too!

Hitting the RoadMer finally got her signs done, then we had to go to Wal-Mart Because I forgot we needed dog food (we were heading there anyway) we FINALLY got on the road about 4:15 ish.

One of the signs mer was making was for the entry to  a wedding. The lady dropped it off a 4 pane window  few weeks before and Mer did custom vinyl on it, i think it said “ Pick a seat – either side – you’re all love – Groom and Bride”. So we met her  in Pine bluffs to drop it off. ( failed to get a picture)

A and W All American FoodOf course we all were hungry so we stopped at A&W (one of our favs) and grabbed a bite to eat. OH and two huge orders of Cheese curds!!!

The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful accept we had to stop and go potty 50,000 times… We got to Tammy’ house s about 1:00 AM, she and Dave were just pulling in from the garage. She showed us her new table for her deck, but it was too heavy for them to move. Mer and I were gonna do it but Time had escaped us. We  went inside set up for bed, Tammy and Dave were  blasted but it looked like they had fun.

Dave showed me his Hulk beers, little 8 oz beer cans that make your hand look like Hulk. we had a beer then got everything set up for bed

Noah couldn’t sleep… I stayed up so he could, but I really couldn’t sleep either, made for a long night. I think Noah’s allergy med finally caught up with him and he was able to crash. I went and layed down with Mer and got a couple hours of zzzzzs.


Tammy and Mel ( and the little kids) were up pretty early and took off to go get the bar cleaned before opening for the day, we caught a few hazy directions.

We we finally got up, and got dressed, started moving the grill to the front to take with us. While we were carrying it out of the back gate, we saw this pretty cool Spider ,  loaded grill in Tori’s Truck. 2 bags of soil in back, little plants were growing in the truck bed, thought that was cool.

We Tried to follow Tori, Steven and Erica to the Bar, but they took off, I guess they wanted coffee or something and took a different route, needless to say we lost them.

Beer Truckin itWhen we got to the bar, Tammy wanted the beer truck moved a different way.. I tell you it was pretty funny watching 3 grown men try to park a trailer. It Def is not one of my strong suites

I ordered 2 burgers from the cook with fried eggs on them, one for us to share and one for Mel, but when we cut it open the egg goo got all over and Mer doesn’t eat egg goo.  So I had to eat it all myself…. Bummer

We had a plan to meet a customer in Cedar Bluffs at 1 pm. Tammy was telling us about needing to pick up the trailers she rented for the stage at noon. Mer let her know we had to be in Cedar at 1. She ended up getting the trailer with Dave.

Mer and I headed  to Cedar Bluffs to drop off a sign. Met with Kiley Frana who won the drawing for a free custom sign from Tumbleweed in May. Her and Mer got to chatting a bit and learned that she is married to one of Mer’s elementary – middle school classmates, Kevin. Small world.

We took a little drive down memory lane and stopped to see the old farmhouse where mer grew up, then she took me down the dirt road to the golf course where they use to play and where some of their friends lived. Mer said it looked pretty different. I like see stuff from her past, I think it brings closer to her.



We got back and showered up so that we could be ready for the evening, since there were several kids and adults that would need to shower as well. And then headed back to the bar to see what we could do to help get things set up.

We brought out chairs and tents and umbrellas, we made a nice little place in the “Beer Garden”

Amy saw me and asked if I needed a job, I said sure, this is about 4:30, she asked me to sell tickets for a few while she went… to do stuff.. There I sat until 11:00. I did have a couple of breaks though thanks to my bride.

Sisters Bar TendingMer was bussed tables outside and inside,  covered breaks at the various stations and brought people whatever they needed, along with getting in some dancing and drinking. She was a big help to people that didn’t want to stand in line for their beer.

The little girls sold t-shirts and koozies

Bo’Dell and the RelicsThe band that played was Bo’Dell and the Relics awesome band.

We Stayed until about  1 am cleaning up the parking lot and putting things away. Our feet hurt so bad. The kids did  a lot of that work, without complaining.

Home for bed

And then there’s Sunday

We got up pretty early and got Cleaned up, the little girls were trying to get Aunt Mel to take them to the mall to spend the money they earned. Mel and i talked them out of it so we could get on the road. We decided we were going to go out for breakfast and leaving from there. Holli and Zoe kept talking about the mall. Mer, not having heard our previous conversation, said well let eat at the mall while they shop…… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Damn it

Stopped by bar said good bye, Tammy gave us money for breakfast, which we gave to Noah and Steven for all their hard work, then headed to Oakview mall following Mel. (yeah only turn around) Mer and I  got coffee first from Scooter’s. Not Mer’s favorite, but I thought the tea was good, then up to floor number 2  to find food. Everyone ate something different.

The boys took off to do boy things and the girls headed to Rue 21 and Justice. We went to Candyopolis and Mer bought Noah some Vans at a shoe store. We realized that Noah left his backpack at Tammy’s house so we offered to take Holli home. Steven decided to ride with us back to Cheyenne.

We dropped Holli off, found that everyone was gone, as we were turning onto 132 we saw them and waved as we passed. Had to stop by HyVee gas station, got snacks and fuel. By this time it was about 1:00 so I put the Pedal to the Metal!!!

Speaking of Pedal to the Metal…. I got nailed doing 87 in a 65 just outside of Lincoln NE. sonuvabeech (in your best Lilly Aldrin voice). The office was very nice and only gave me a warning


We got home at 7:45

GREAT FAST FUN WEEKEND, I miss Tori and Holli bug already.

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