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Title Gettin the kidsWhat a great weekend we had!!!! Thursday I drove down to North Platte to pick up our Nieces for a weeks stay at our place. Aunt melody had us over that evening for tacos. Pretty tasty. we had a great evening with the family

Our Camp SiteFriday, Mer had the day off and I worked half a day. then we got everything packed up and we headed out to Glendo Reservoir to meet up with my parents and use the Motor Home for the weekend! after a little driving around we found a camp spot that we liked in the Two Moons Camp ground. It was beautiful and the reservoir was just a cliff drop behind us. Was very quiet accept when Kevin showed up (more about that later).

Night time SelfieGods beautiful sunsetThe kids got the tents set up and we got the motor home arranged. kids walked around a little bit and found the local out house and jungle gym. We cooked some burgers and dogs for dinner, and then played some games. we went to the cliff and enjoyed the sunset and stars for a moment then off to bed for us all. The big kids in one tent and the little kids in another. Mer and I had the motor home all to ourselves. And sleep…… (I fell asleep instantly).

Good morning Saturday!!

We did sleep in a little bit, I was so comfy and relaxed I didn’t want to get up. Mer finally  got me to get up. I started to get the floating devices set up and Mer started cooking the breakfast burritos. the kids were already up and ready to go swim in the lake but, first we took a ride around the reservoir just to look.  We drove for a few min towards the dam. When we turned the corner and saw the back side of the dam, a memory from my child hood instantly came to my mind.

Brothers and Cousins at GlendoI haven’t recalled that memory for many many years. But I remember being on the river behind the dam, fishing with my family, My cousin, Jason, my brother, Josh, and I also had rafts the we floated on there, any way I stopped int he middle of the road to tell the family about that. then i recalled the picture… I had my mom send me a snap shot of it so i could show the nieces.

When we started moving again, we had to stop about 25 feet later for a family of Ducks crossing the road. We drove on, and went over to Sandy beach to check it out. I looked terrible so we decided not to stop. almost got stuck in the sand.

Glendo ReservoirPulled off the road to get this beautiful pic of the lake, it was sure gorgeous.  Drove a little further down then turned around, we also saw a couple of deer on the trip. headed back to the camper to pick up the flotation devices, and get changed for swimming.

We drove down around the corner to shelter point and that is where we spent most  of the rest of the day. in cool water with sun a shining!!

Quite a few people there, a family next to us set up a volley ball net in the water.  and there dogs were out swimming and such. About 1:30 Tori and I went to the marina to rent some paddle boards, Steven and Noah went hiking back up the hill to the camp ground ( that was the last we saw of them for a few hours). Paddle boarding was fun, we all had a great time doing it. the girls learned so quickly and they would go and jump in the water and climb back on  over and over again. Oh a we got discount on the rental too so.. BONUS!!!

Mer and I took our turn on the boards and cursed around the swimming whole for a while. I felt something in the collar of my shirt and dug under and grabbed it. It was an Asshole wasp. I threw it on the board and smashed it and then the pain came, the damn thing stung me. I quick paddled  to the shore and ran to the car and got some good ol benedryl. I was fine, no issues for the first time being stung. other than it hurt.

About 3:30 ish I went back to the campsite to check on the boys, they were there playing cards. I opened up the MH for them so they could get some drinks and what not. Then headed back to the swimming hole. Tori and I loaded up the paddle boards and I returned them to the marina. In the mean time the girls brought all the chairs and stuff up to the parking lot, so we just loaded up and headed out. An office showed up just then to talk to that family about their dogs, Hope they didn’t get a ticket.

Dinner at Mickes Family ResturantWe took a short trip to town to get some Ice and water, then decided we would go get the boys and come back and eat dinner at Mickes Family restaurant. We got changed and dily dalied an little bit then headed back to town for dinner. They had a sign that said best damn root beer. so we all ordered root beers. Mer and I got the bet damn root beer, found out it was a alcoholic beverage. the kids got regular thankful. The whole meal ended up taking a little longer than expected. but the food was good and the portions were big. we took our Chicken fried steak home for breakfast the next morning.

Back to the camper for Aggravation, cribbage and Shmoes.

We got to sleep in a little more on Sunday morning, so comfy and so relaxed, when we finally woke up we started making breakfast, we had planned on hiking and going swimming again but the kids were all worn out and tired, we decided to get everything packed up and head home.

Mer helped me get the motor home out of the camp spot, and headed into Glendo to get gas. $2.57 per gallon. WHAT??????? ($2.08 at home)  man they really know how to gorge the guests. so that was like a $15.00 stop. Enough to get to Wheatland

Driving the Big Motor HomeSo here we are crusin down the highway, this MH is a big beast to drive but… I did it!! 30 miles and we made it to Wheatland and topped off the tank for a $2.23 per gallon, still expensive geese.

Another 70 miles in the beast and we made it home! All in all it was a good weekend camping, thanks to mom and Dad for the use of MH, and relaxing fresh air! Have a great week everyone!

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