Heaven on a Plate – The kPlace Benedict

Heaven on a plate

OK I am going to call this rendition The kPlace Benedict. Thanks to the ingredients present to me by the wife and her sister.

Heaven on a plateIngredients

  • 1 Can of Corned beef hash
  • How ever many English muffins you want
  • Shaved Ham
  • Enough eggs to cover you English muffins
  • Spinach
  • 1 can jalapeno Spam
  • 1 packet, maybe more, hollandaise sauce  Def more.

The process ( stack it)

  1. Take out the Spam, slice it kinda thin and through that stuff in a fry pan till its cooked. ( its spam you’ll know when its done)
  2. In another pan put the corned beef has in it and fry that (again its Corned beef hash you’ll know when its done)
  3. Open the Spinach and was it and dry it
  4. Poach those eggs, Either with an egg poaching pan, or the good ol fashion way like my wife does (in boiling water)
  5. Take those English muffins and toast em, then butter them up
  6. Make up the hollandaise sauce
  7. Stack it:
    • Muffin First
    • Then the spam
    • Then the ham
    • Then Corned beef
    • Put those eggs on top
    • Sprinkle on some Spinach
    • Cover with hollandaise sauce
  8. Enjoy that stuff!!!
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