Pain, Suffering - me being stupid!The Mis-Adventures of Remi and Theo

Peg Leg Pete.. er.. I mean Remi

Peg Leg Pete

Remi and Theo were at the office today having a pleasant conversation with members of the new corporation next door.

Cephalic veinThe conversation got more interesting and good ol Remi got just a little to excited. During the ruckus Remi sliced his are open and  severed his cephalic vein. Thankfully one of the human interns, Zach,  at Edwiser Corp. AMCN-RT was there to call for emergency pick up and put a compress on while waiting. We are thankful he was there.

I got home and we loaded Remi in the car calm as can be and got him to the Vet where the staff was waiting for us. the Doctor took a look at him and started prepping for emergency surgery.

During the surgery,  the Doc was unable to repair the vein so he clamped it off and sealed the ends. now he has to have a splint, pressure compress and a cast for the next 12 days, the Doc also said that the smaller blood vessels in the arm would take over. He also has a cone of shame and it will be used if he misbehaves.

Heal well my little buddy we love you!

Peg Leg PeteAvenues pet clinic  did a real nice job taking care of Remi, we are glad they were available. We will update on his condition when he has his follow up appointment

P.S. it is funny to watch him walk on his peg leg!

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