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Easter 2016!

Nice Collection!

Christ has Risen! Hallelujah!

He has risen indeed!

Happy Easter friends and family, I hope you enjoyed this glorious day!

I must say the good Lord has blessed my little family so much over the past year and half, we are forever grateful.  We had a wonderful Easter weekend with family and friends. Merideth and I took Friday off as we intended to go to Omaha for Easter, but that really didn’t pan out. We discussed what we were going to do for dinner. Mer suggested we do a beef Wellington, and then later on we decided that would be a great meal for Easter Sunday. We went to Sam’s club and had some lunch. We both had a hot dog and drink then we shared a big slice of pizza. We perused the store for a little while and then headed over to the meat department to find a roast. After looking online and talking to the butcher we decided on a beef tenderloin. Went to Wal-Mart and got the rest of our dinner menu items.

We then went to Menards and got some additional wood so I could complete the door on our shed, headed home and proceeded to work on that. Later that afternoon Mer took the boys to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I stayed home and worked on the door, I am not much of a superhero movie kind of guy,  After I finished up with the door I talked to Mer and asked what we should have for dinner, she reminded me we were gonna make Pork Chops.

Made a good panko covered pork chop with some wild rice, it was pretty darn tasty!

Our oldest son came home later that evening and then went and saw the batman movie as well. He didn’t give it very good reviews

Saturday was kinda slow in the morning, we got up and went shopping for Easter stuff, going to Big Lots, the dollar store and Wal-Mart. Went with my parents to the Verizon store to get my dad a new Phone. He needed a replacement for his work phone since he retired. We also went and took a quick look at their new motor home.

Coleton and Noah spent some good quality time together playing Pokemon, Mom and i were glad to see the two hanging out. Kinda warms the heart.

The boys went to laser tag, we went to King Soopers to get potatoes, beans and carrots. Then after picking up the boys, we went and had Godfathers Pizza with my parents. We came home and started to decorate Easter eggs! In the midst of rocking some amazing Easter Egg designs, Coleton determined that Rubber Bands were needed in order to make cool lines on the eggs. Anytime you introduce rubber bands into a room full of boys, you can be sure that some action will be happening.  All it took was one person with a gleam in his eye shooting a rubber band across the table (I’m not naming any names) and before you know it, we had an all out war on our hands. Mer and Kati were caught in the middle and attempted to continue coloring their eggs while the yelling and running went on around them. At one point, Mer was jolted by sharp pain as a well aimed rubber band sailed across her cheek bone as it headed for it’s intended target. Surprisingly, she only hollered and cussed and the game continued. After the game was over, Coleton, Dad and George had some serious welts as battle scars. Noah and Justice seemed to walk away unscathed and Zach decided to ditch the fun and cower in his room for the duration. It was an epic battle that included many laughs which we will all cherish. Of course, mom will be picking up rubbers for many weeks…


Beef WellingtonCheese CakeOn Sunday we had a little Easter egg hunt, got the kiddos some Easter baskets with little knickknacks and we had the most amazing dinner and dessert. We made a Beef Wellington, first solo attempt, it came out pretty well and was pretty tasty. Merideth made a most wonderful cheesecake. With a brownie crust and a chocolate drizzled cookie dough topping.

After all was said and done, George and I drove the older kid back to UW and came home for some well deserved rest.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday and remember what the day is truly about!

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