Now you see me 2

Now you See Me 2

September 29, 2016 DrEdwiser 0

My Rating:   My Notes: I love these movies they could make a hundred of them. The magic is the funnest part. I did miss Isla […]

The Boss

The Boss

September 18, 2016 DrEdwiser 1

My Rating:   My Notes: Not my all time favorite, thought it might be good to watch with the kid but, it was pretty inappropriate. Melissa […]



September 17, 2016 DrEdwiser 1

My Rating:   My Notes: Wow!! What a great flick. The process from putting the consciousness of one person into another  is completely unbelievable, but as […]


Welcome Toby

August 30, 2016 DrEdwiser 0

As my wife says: We have embraced a new adorable fur baby into our family this weekend – Toby. He is 8 wks old, Australian […]

Lava Cake

Dinner with the kids

August 23, 2016 DrEdwiser 0

And by kids I mean George and his lovely girlfriend Meghan. They came over last night and cooked us dinner before Meghan had to go […]

Little Plant Box

More fun times!

August 22, 2016 DrEdwiser 0

Had a  pretty good weekend, Took off a little early on Friday, our oldest kid wanted to get to his apartment in Laramie. took way […]


Daddy’s Home

August 22, 2016 DrEdwiser 1

My Rating:   My Notes:This movie is pretty darn funny, some inappropriate parts but all In all ok for the whole family. I was actually […]


Nine Lives

August 17, 2016 DrEdwiser 0

My Rating:   My Notes: Good Movie to watch with the family, we took our youngest son and we all liked it, you really can […]

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